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Taking Action against the Proposed Taxation of Health Benefits

"The federal government needs to hear from you." #donttaxmyhealthbenefits. -


Recent media coverage indicates that the federal government is considering a measure to treat employer health and dental plans as a taxable benefit in the upcoming budget with the goal of generating $2.7 billion in new revenue.

These benefits include chiropractic care, prescription drugs, mental health services, dental care, and more.


The Canadian healthcare system benefits from the current approach that encourages employers to invest in the health of their employees. Last year, more than $23 billion in needed healthcare was delivered through employer health benefits.

If implemented, this change would negatively impact the 22 million Canadians who currently access healthcare through these benefits. It has been predicted that many employers would cancel existing benefit plans and others will reduce coverage.

The availability of employer health benefits is also important to addressing the opioid crisis: back pain is a key driver of opioid prescribing and most Canadians currently access chiropractic care and other non-pharmacological alternatives for pain using their employer benefits.

Taking needed care away from millions of Canadians is not the way to address fairness and equity and it will create a significant new fiscal pressure for provincial healthcare systems.


The federal government needs to hear from you that taxing these essential health benefits will negatively affect millions of Canadians.

Share your concerns with your MP and the Minister of Finance by visiting www.donttaxmyhealthbenefits.ca and share this important message on social media using the hashtag #donttaxmyhealthbenefits.

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