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Value & Effectiveness

Musculoskeletal conditions affect 11 million Canadians each year, and account for one third of all lost time claims. The CCA works with government, insurers, employers and other stakeholders to build an understanding of how chiropractors can help to manage pressures in a balance, informed way to deliver better outcomes at lower cost.


The rising cost of group benefits is a concern. Rising costs mean a constant search for savings or cost containment. Chiropractors offer important solutions to both employers and insurers in preserving the core value of extended healthcare products.

The CCA actively engages the insurance industry to understand their needs for cost-effective solutions, and provides helpful evidence showing that chiropractic care helps decrease pharmaceutical costs, promotes a faster return to work for Canadians with musculoskeletal conditions, and achieves better outcomes at lower cost. Please see the For Insurers section for more information on how chiropractors are helping insurers and employers.

The CCA offers a partnership to improve extended healthcare products to:

  • Improve value for employers
  • Help manage insurance costs
  • Contribute to a healthy and productive work force
  • Lower treatment costs
  • Increase patient satisfaction.
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