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The Link Between Research & Practice

Chiropractic expertise in treating the spine, muscles and nervous system comes not only from seven years of intensive post-secondary education and practical hours, but also from a growing body of rigourous research. Chiropractic research provides the evidence upon which the chiropractic profession bases best practices and patient-centred treatment – what is known in all health professions as “evidence-based” treatment.

Canadian chiropractors adopt evidence-informed practice principles to guide clinical decision making by integrating their clinical expertise, patient’s preferences and values, and the best available scientific evidence.


Canada boasts a vibrant community of chiropractic researchers who actively collaborate in interprofessional research initiatives, providing the scientific basis – the evidence – on using chiropractic treatment to improve musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Research topics include clinical, biomedical, health services and population research.

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CCA Support for Chiropractic Research

The CCA funds over $500,000 annually for research and knowledge dissemination, hosts a Biennial Research Symposium and supports many research chairs and professorships in major universities across the country.


The body of knowledge that comes from research allows chiropractors to provide safe, scientifically-sound and the most current treatment in their practice – bringing the most advanced methods to patient care. Chiropractic research also informs other health professionals who partner with chiropractors to deliver quality musculoskeletal treatment to their patients. Research integrates with chiropractic practice through inclusion in chiropractic college curricula, continuing education opportunities, national conventions, and online-training. Research is also reviewed and included in Clinical Practice Guidelines promoted by chiropractic provincial and national organizations, including the CCA.

Keeping Chiropractors Informed

The CCA makes a tremendous effort to disseminate information about the Chiropractic Guideline Initiative that include all new knowledge based on chiropractic research.

Chiropractic Guideline Initiative


Enhance the health of Canadians by fostering excellence in chiropractic care.


Develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and best practice recommendations, and facilitate their dissemination and implementation within the chiropractic profession.


  • Transform the culture of the profession to one that is guided by evidence-based practice.
  • Engage stakeholders to sustain the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative.
  • Produce, adapt or endorse recommendations relevant to chiropractic practice to enhance patient care, based on the best available evidence.
  • Create and apply innovative knowledge translation strategies to influence chiropractic practice.

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CCA Communication Resources

The CCA keeps its membership informed about chiropractic research, knowledge and updates to Clinical Practice Guidelines through various modes of communication including:

  • BACK Matters, quarterly magazine
  • Biannual Research Bulletin
  • Regular updates on the CCA website
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