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Education & Regulation

The core curriculum prepares Canada’s 9,000 licenced chiropractors to be experts in the musculoskeletal and neurological system. The accredited program focuses on building expertise in the assessment, diagnosis, management and prevention of conditions of the musculoskeletal system and associated neurological system, which includes over 4,200 hours of clinical education and a 12-month clinical internship.

Core Competencies

Chiropractors are proficient in chiropractic knowledge, gathering patient data, physical exam skills, treatment, interpersonal and communication skills, and professionalism.

Commonly, patients will visit a chiropractor with a musculoskeletal complaint or condition. Elements of a first visit may include:

  • History
  • Physical examination
  • Additional diagnostics
  • Report of findings
  • Informed consent
  • Treatment or referral

The chiropractor will record key findings, recommendations and treatment at each visit. These notes are commonly referred to as SOAP notes and include subjective and objective findings, assessment and plan or treatment directives.

Delegation of non-authorized acts are permitted to trained staff. However, the patient should be re-evaluated periodically by the chiropractor including objective outcome measures and examination findings.

For more information, please contact the CCA by emailing info@chiropractic.ca.

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