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How Chiropractors Complement Medical Doctors

Chiropractors play a complementary role to medical care in managing musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Whether partnering with medical doctors in patient care or receiving referrals from physicians who know their patient would benefit from spine, muscle and nervous system expertise, there significant benefits to the patient in the collaboration of medical and chiropractic doctors.

Medical doctors have tremendous knowledge and experience treating systemic and visceral conditions, while chiropractors have a vast knowledge regarding the assessment, diagnosis and conservative management of musculoskeletal conditions. Our expertise in spine, muscle and nervous system health is primarily, but not limited to, the back and neck.

Interprofessional collaboration promotes effective patient-centred care. Chiropractors are trained to actively communicate with other healthcare providers, including medical doctors, about patient needs, and their extensive academic and clinical training allows them to know when patients need to be referred back to their family physicians. Chiropractors are well-trained to refer patients who are presenting with non-musculoskeletal complaints and understand when there are contraindications to manual therapy.

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