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Chiropractic Treatment for Aging Canadians

Author: Ashish Malik Date: Oct 1, 2014 Blog, Chiropractic Expertise, Healthy Aging
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Blog4-Main-ImageAging can be difficult as one navigates new or existing health needs, or those of loved ones. Chiropractic treatment can help aging Canadians maintain a pain-free and healthy life by providing relief from MSK conditions, including back pain. Such conditions are often associated with increasing age such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis, among others.


Did you know?  Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are the most common causes of long-term pain and disability in Canadians over 60. Due to their extensive training and expertise, Canadian chiropractors can play an important role in the prevention and management of MSK conditions that may negatively impact your health and wellbeing. In fact, chiropractors can help you maintain your mobility and quality of life, foster healthy aging and conserve your independence.

Blog4-graphic-ENQuality of Life

MSK pain can affect almost every aspect of life including compromised mobility, independent living, difficulty in daily activities, and disturbed sleep patterns. The impact of these can be more profound among aging Canadians, which can complicate day-to-day life. In fact, chronic pain has been associated with disability and even depression.

Promptly addressing the root of the issue is essential. Canadian chiropractors can help assess, diagnose, manage and even prevent MSK conditions. Through a variety of non-invasive, gentle, hands-on therapies, including conservative manual therapies, modalities, exercise and rehabilitation and lifestyle counselling, chiropractors can help reduce pain, restore mobility and increase quality of life in older patients. Therapeutic exercise can produce remarkable outcomes in even the very elderly. Building strength also improves balance and coordination, which are essential in preventing falls.

A 2013 Rand study that compared chiropractic patients and non-chiropractic patients aged 75 and up showed:

  • 87% of chiropractic patients 75 years or older described their heath as good to excellent. Only 67% of non-chiropractic patients said the same.
  • The chiropractic patients exercised more regularly and had fuller social lives. They were also less likely to use prescription drugs.
  • Chiropractic patients reported:
    • Fewer chronic conditions by 15%
    • Fewer symptoms of arthritis by 22%
    • Less time in nursing homes by 15%
    • Less time in hospitals in the last three years by 21%

Sometimes the hardest part of managing MSK conditions is seeking care. Often,  we fail to ask for help to avoid burdening family, friends and caregivers. But, in many cases, Canadians may have simply resigned themselves to live in pain because they think it is a natural part of aging. However, help is available! Click here to learn more about how to protect and treat conditions for yourself or elderly loved ones, and to avoid further pain and disability. In fact, people of all ages benefit from chiropractic treatment.

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