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5 tips to improve the quality of your child’s sleep - CCA

5 tips to improve the quality of your child’s sleep

We often take great care to ensure our children build good personal hygiene habits such as brushing their teeth and bathing. But do we pay as much attention to our children’s sleep hygiene? As adults, we easily recognize the benefits of a good night’s sleep for ourselves, and certainly we want the same for our

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Patients as partners in healthcare - CCA

Patients as partners in healthcare

We rarely think of the role we want to play in our own healthcare until we find ourselves injured or in crisis – when in fact, we have a critical role to play as a partner in healthcare1. It can be particularly challenging when tasked with such a responsibility as you try to navigate the

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Misconceptions about chiropractic treatment - CCA

Misconceptions about chiropractic treatment

Author: CCA Staff Team Date: Feb 10, 2016 Category: Back Care Tips, Blog

In the past, we wrote about common myths regarding chiropractic treatment in an effort to have an ongoing discussion about the role of chiropractors in the healthcare team and services. We strive to be open and transparent about the information shared to help inform you – the public – on the care provided and benefits

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How to prepare for a ski trip - CCA

How to prepare for a ski trip

Skiing is a beloved activity for many Canadians. It’s a chance for us to enjoy the outdoors and have a little fun. Families often go for a variety of hills and terrains that cater to different skill levels and age. If you are skier or have gone skiing before, you know the sport can take

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Recreational activities for seniors - CCA

Recreational activities for seniors

It is important to manage your health at any age, but it is even more so when you age to keep an active lifestyle. Mobility, for example, typically declines with age which can lead to important loss of function and independence. Yet, we often take it for granted until it is too late. Regardless of

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