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Degenerative Disc Disease – Mid-Back

Degenerative disc disease is one of the most common forms of back pain.

Causes: The specific cause of degenerative disc disease is still unknown.

Symptoms: Symptoms can include pain and possibly shooting pain, tingling, numbness and weakness. The pain, described as an ache, can be low-grade and continuous, but occasionally may be worsened. It can also be aggravated by some movement, including bending, twisting and lifting. This, however, is less common in the thoracic spine and is typically related with trauma.

Examples: Thoracic spine disc herniation/bulge

How our experts can help: Typically, these patients may be co-managed. However, depending on the findings of the history and patient examination, the chiropractor will recommend an individualized plan of management. The treatment options may include:

  • Patient education and reassurance
  • Manipulation or mobilization of association joints
  • Soft tissue therapy of surrounding musculature
  • Traction
  • Modalities including electrical stimulation, acupuncture, ultrasound and others
  • Rehabilitation and exercises
  • Ergonomic and lifestyle changes
  • Referral and co-management
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