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Disability tax credit

A women speaking to a man - Disability tax credit

It’s time for the federal government to enable chiropractors to assess and certify patients for the Disability Tax Credit

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians rely on chiropractors to assess, diagnose, and treat all forms of musculoskeletal conditions including back, neck, and knee pain, as well as osteoarthritis (OA). But unlike some non-pharmacological practitioners, chiropractors are not authorized to assess and certify the Disability Tax Credit. That needs to change.

Excluding chiropractors makes it more difficult for their patients to access the Disability Tax Credit. Canadians relying on a chiropractor for treatment are often forced to visit other healthcare practitioners to obtain the documentation, which can cause undue stress, anxiety and costs. It is time to correct this inequality to improve efficiency for patients and create a more cost-efficient system.

We need your help! Forcing patients experiencing disability to chase down a tax credit is not right. That is why we have launched a tool that will allow you to send an email to your local Member of Parliament to raise awareness about this issue. With enough support from Canadians across the country, our hope is that the government will do the right thing and include chiropractors as an assessor of the Disability Tax Credit.

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