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2020 CCA Awards

Welcome to the 2020 CCA Awards

Who can be nominated:

  • Nominees are members in good standing with the CCA.
  • Post humous nominations will be accepted so long as the member was in active status up until the time of their passing and that they passed in the award year they are being nominated in.
  • With the exception of the Life Member and the Medal of Merit Awards, members may submit a nomination for their own significant accomplishments as they pertain to the award.
  • A CCA Board Member or CCA Awards Committee Member may not be nominated for any award while in active service.

Years of Practices required to qualify for each award:

Medal of Merit ≥ 10 years
Researcher of the Year Award ≥ 10 years
Life Member Award ≥ 20 years
Transforming the World at Home or Abroad Awards ≥ 5 years
Public Service Award ≥ 5 years
Young Investigator Award ≤ 2 years

What do you need to include in your nomination?

Nomination form must be completed in full, contain two or more of the following:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Biography
  3. Summary of Activities/Synopsis

And should answer the following questions to substantiate the nomination:

  1. How has the nominee demonstrated a sustained contribution to the chiropractic community?
  2. How has the nominee demonstrated passion contributing to advancing the success of the chiropractic profession?

How to submit a nomination:

In order to submit your nomination, please select the category (you can review the categories  in detail at the bottom of this page) in which you would like to submit a CCA member into and click on register. You can submit more than one nominee at a time. To do so, simply click on the plus sign associated with the award you would like to nominate a member for.


*Please note: The CCA Awards nominations are now closed. Thank you for participating and we look forward to announcing the winners at the 2020 National Convention Tradeshow in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The 2022 CCA Awards ceremony will be held in Toronto, ON.


Awards descriptions

Medal of Merit Awarded for outstanding long-term service to the profession and the CCA, the Medal of Merit is CCA’s highest honour.
Researcher of the Year Award Honours an investigator whose contribution has improved the clinical treatment of chiropractic patients and has demonstrated outstanding research achievements and advancement of new knowledge in their field of expertise.
Life Member Award Usually awarded in the twilight of a recipient’s career, it is recognition of lifetime service to the profession, CCA affairs and the development of chiropractic.
Transforming the World at Home or Abroad Awards This award recognizes outstanding community service from a chiropractor who has brought a deeper understanding of the profession to marginalized populations within his/her community, at home or abroad.
Public Service Award Honours a chiropractor who has demonstrated excellence in advancing the profession and the musculoskeletal health of Canadians through contributions or leadership for advocacy efforts.
Young Investigator Award This award recognizes young researchers working in the field of chiropractic. The nominee must submit a research paper as part of the nomination process which if selected will be published in the JCCA (Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association).


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