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Congratulations to Dr. Jean-Alexandre Boucher!

Dr. Boucher

Congratulations to Dr. Jean-Alexandre Boucher, DC, who has successfully defended his doctoral thesis last week at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), Québec in the Department of Psychology!

He now joins the ranks of academia as Dr. Jean-Alexandre Boucher, DC, PhD.

Dr. Jean-Alexandre Boucher obtained his chiropractic degree in June 2010 from UQTR and immediately undertook part-time practice in Trois-Rivières, his native town. During his studies, he served as a research assistant for Dr. Martin C. Normand, DC, PhD. They developed functional assessment tools and specific exercise programs using the Redcord™ workstation. They also decided to introduce a vibration component to the protocol. Dr. Boucher enrolled in a PhD program at UQTR in September 2010, under the supervision of Dr. Normand and co-supervision of Dr. Martin Descarreaux, DC, PhD.

His thesis focused on the effect of local muscle vibration and muscle fatigue on trunk sensorimotor control, starting by determining whether the application of paraspinal muscle vibration alters the control of force production of the trunk in healthy participants. The validation of vibration parameters on a monoarticular lower limb muscle and the effect of paraspinal muscle vibration in patients with non-specific cLBP was also undertaken. Dr. Boucher is a member of the Groupe de recherche sur les affections neuro-musculo-squelettiques (GRAN), and also benefited from financial support awarded by the Fondation de Recherche Chiropratique du Québec to pursue his PhD. He has presented his research at the 2011 WFC in Rio de Janeiro, the 2012 ACC-RAC (Award Winning Paper) in Las Vegas, the 2013 ACC-RAC (Award Winning Paper) in Washington, and the WFC Congress in Durban in 2014.

Dr. Boucher has started a postdoctoral fellowship supervised by Christian Larivière, PhD (senior scientist) and will take place at the Université de Montréal and the Occupational Health and Safety Research Institute Robert-Sauvé. As a new member of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal, his work will mainly focus on:
1) Development of a Preliminary Clinical Prediction Rule for Identifying Patients with Non-acute Low Back Pain Who Respond Best to a Lumbar Stabilization Exercise Program ; and
2) Immediate psychological and biomechanical effects of two categories of lumbar belts in healthcare workers and workers with back pain.

Dr. Boucher adds tremendous skill sets to the research capacity of the profession in Canada. He has already made very significant contributions to the scholarly peer-reviewed literature. The profession looks forward to his leadership in the chiropractic research sector and welcomes his dedication and commitment to improving the health of Canadians.

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