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Congratulations to Dr. Jean-Philippe Pialasse


Congratulations to Dr. Jean-Philippe Pialasse, DC, who has successfully defended his doctoral thesis in kinesiology this past week at the Université Laval (Québec) in the Faculté de médecine!

He now joins the ranks of academia as Dr. Jean-Philippe Pialasse, DC, PhD.
Dr. Pialasse trained under the supervision of Dr. Martin Simoneau, PhD, and was co-supervised by Dr. Martin Descarreaux, DC, PhD at Université Laval.

Dr. Pialasse’s research interests are motor control, sensorimotor transformation, vestibular function and scoliosis. His research examines the influence of vestibulomotor control on adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) onset and progression. More precisely, he is evaluating the reaction to galvanic vestibular stimulation in patients and healthy participants. The purpose of this work is to show the link between an abnormal vestibulomotor reaction and the onset or the progression of AIS. His skills also include project design, cell extraction, molecular biology, and several programming languages including electronics and microcontroller programming.

In addition to his doctorate, Dr. Pialasse also serves the profession as Administrateur de l’Association Française de Chiropratique and Président de Chiropratique Sans Frontières.

Dr. Pialasse’s critical research has been funded by:

Fondation Cotrel de la Fondation de France
Fond de Recherche du Québec en Santé (3 year Fellowship)
Fondation de Recherche Chiropratique du Québec (FRCQ)
European Chiropractic Union (ECU)
Jean-Aimé-Simoneau Award

Dr. Pialasse has provided exemplary service to the profession and demonstrated outstanding professional achievement. He has already made very significant contributions to both the research community and the profession. Dr. Pialasse’s most recent publications are a book chapter on sensorimotor integration in idiopathic scoliosis, a paper in Medical Hypothesis and a paper in the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Pialasse is clearly an exemplar who represents leadership and commitment to advancing the profession for the benefits of patients and their health.

Please join me in sending him a congratulatory note!

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