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World Spine Day 2016

Join us on October 16, 2016 for World Spine Day as we help bring awareness to this year’s theme ‘Straighten Up and Move’. The focus of World Spine Day will be on the importance of body awareness and activities that promote a healthy spine.

Millions of Canadians move through their day enduring back and neck pain, migraines and headaches. In anticipation of World Spine Day, we have launched a new video about how chiropractic care can help to change your pain and get you back to leading a healthy life.

Watch the video now!

[s3video s3url=”cca_brandvideo_national_final.mov” splash=”https://chiropractic.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/splash_screen-2.jpg” responsive=”on” /]


Chiropractic Care Changed My Pain

Read stories from patients and chiropractors across Canada in our new digital campaign called Chiropractic Care Changed My Pain. This campaign was created to help share the stories of people who suffer with MSK conditions and the profound impact that chiropractors have on their lives.

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Check out these resources for tips on how to protect your back and prevent pain and injury. Whether at work, at home, or on the go, a healthy back means a happier you.

NEW! Watch and share this video on low back pain and chiropractic.

Straighten Up Canada app
Developed by Canada’s chiropractors, the Straighten Up Canada app is a FREE, easy-to-perform posture program that you can use in just three minutes a day. It’s the only free Canadian app specifically designed and completely dedicated to improving posture and spinal health.
Available for FREE download from the Apple App Store, Google Play and BlackBerry World!

It can be hard to find time in a busy day to focus on physical activity. Fit-in 15, is an easy and manageable way to start the habit of building 15 minutes of activity into your daily routine.

Share these infographics on chiropractic care and MSK health.

Back Care Tips
Read these tips to use on the go, at play or at home.


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