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Our vision is that chiropractors will be an integral part of every Canadian’s healthcare team by 2023 by supporting and promoting the profession nationally. Members are part of the largest community of Canadian chiropractors working to build a sustainable and thriving profession. They gain access to resources, ongoing education, a supportive community and an association committed to advocating on your behalf. It is especially important during these challenging times that we support each other.

Membership in the CCA is open to any chiropractor licensed in Canada who is a member in good standing of their provincial chiropractic association.

If you need help joining or would like more information, please contact our membership engagement team at 1-877-222-9303 or membership@chiropractic.ca.

Why join the CCA?

Join the largest community of Canadian chiropractors and gain access to resources, ongoing education, a supportive community, and advocacy on your behalf.

CCA Members: 5 membership advantages

See what CCA members are saying:

CCA Stories

CCA members benefit from having a team behind them, advocating with government and insurance companies to change policy. Read how the CCA is ensuring the Canadian government hears the voice of chiropractors.

Get an inside look at what the CCA does for members. Read our Q&A with Dr. Ayla Azad to find out what she has learned since starting as the CCA’s Director of Professional Practice in 2020.

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  • You may apply for membership at any time. If you are a current CCA member, renewal runs from October to December each year.

  • Regular CCA membership – for chiropractors who practice more than 12 hours per week and treat more than 60 patients per week.
  • Other CCA membership – for chiropractors who practice 12 hours or less per week and treat up to 60 patients per week.
  • CCA new graduate membership

New graduates receive a complimentary membership up to 18 months after joining the CCA. Once this complimentary term completes, these practitioners may choose a quarterly payment option for their first renewal period.

Professional malpractice protection with the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association (CCPA) requires chiropractors to be members of the CCA. The CCA requires that members be part of their provincial association.

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