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Canada’s chiropractors are dedicated to building awareness of how musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions affect Canadians.

As spine, muscle and nervous system experts, Canada’s chiropractors are dedicated to building awareness of how musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions affect Canadians, and how chiropractors can play a central role in helping Canadians to regain and maintain their health and quality of life. The Canadian Chiropractic Association works to build a better understanding of the value of chiropractic care for Canadians and our healthcare system through meetings with MPs and government stakeholders, submissions to government, and strategic partnerships and communications.

The MSK crisis impacts more than 11 million Canadians and costs our economy $22 billion annually.

The CCA advocates for:

  • Opportunity to improve patient care for MSK conditions by integrating chiropractors into interprofessional healthcare teams
  • Improved access for Canadians needing chiropractic care, including federal populations (RCMP, CAF, Indigenous peoples, refugees and asylum seekers, federal employees and others)
  • Improving Canada’s healthcare system
  • Building a better understanding of the value and effectiveness of chiropractic care
  • Supporting public health and prevention efforts

Canadians’ health and economic recovery require urgent policy solutions. The CCA’s advocacy policy priorities include:


Serving refugees and asylum seekers

Improve access to MSK care for refugees and asylum seekers by adding chiropractic care to the list of services that are covered under the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP). 

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Rural healthcare and student loan forgiveness

Ensure that chiropractors are included in the Canada Student Loan Forgiveness (CSLF) program for healthcare professionals who work in under-served rural or remote communities that lack the primary health care they need.

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Pain and the opioid crisis

Support a national strategy to address the escalating levels of chronic pain by implementing the Canadian Pain Task Force’s Action Plan for Pain in Canada and improving access to non-pharmacological pain management treatments, such as chiropractic care. 

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Protecting members of our Canadian armed forces

Improve access to MSK care for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members by removing the requirement of physician referral and the cap on the number of treatment visits.

To learn more about the CCA’s policy recommendations:

If you have questions about these or other advocacy priorities, please contact us at: