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CCA Plus Program

The Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) is the national, voluntary association representing Canada’s 9,000 licensed chiropractors. We continually strive to provide exceptional membership value by promoting innovation, excellence, and integrity in the delivery of chiropractic care; addressing national issues that affect spine, muscle, and nervous system health with a unified voice; strengthening interprofessional relations with fellow healthcare professionals and fostering the development of and sharing responsibility for research.

In addition to the CCA’s work on behalf of the profession, the CCA also assists members’ bottom lines by providing high-quality value propositions that are generally unavailable to the individual consumer. These products and services are uniquely tailored to meet the professional and personal interests and needs of members at preferred CCA rates. This member benefit program is called CCA Plus.

To learn more about the CCA Plus Partners Program click here, or contact info@chiropractic.ca.

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