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Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association

September 1995 Volume 39 No. 3

    Joshua N Haldeman, DC: the Canadian Years, 1926-1950

    • Scott Hadelman, DC, PhD, MD, FCCS(C)
    • Joseph Keating JR, PhD, LittD(hon)

    Annotated bibliography of the biomedical literature pertaining to chiropractic, pediatrics and manipulation in relation to the treatment of health conditions

    • Melanie Beingessner, BA
    • Allan Gotlib, BSc, DC

    Chiropractic rehabilitation of spinal pain patients: principles, practices and outcome data

    • Shirley Fuligni
    • Carol Hagino, BSc, MBA
    • Deborah Kopansky-Giles, DC, FCCS(C)
    • JJ Piccininni, MSc, DipATM, CAT(C)
    • Howard Vernon, DC, FCCS(C)

    Sacroiliac joint pain due to bacterial infection: a report of two cases

    • Stephanie Burns, DC, FCCS(C)
    • E Howlett, MD, LMCC
    • Dale Mierau, BSPE, DC, DCCS(C)