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Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association

December 2003 Volume 47 No. 4

    Use of McKenzie cervical protocol in the treatment of radicular neck pain in a machine operator

    • Sundeep Rathore, DC, FCCRS(C)

    The epidemiology of neck pain: what we have learned from our population-based studies

    • Linda Carroll, PhD
    • J Cassidy, DC, MSc(Orth), FCCS
    • Pierre Cote, DC

    Active and passive characteristics of muscle tone and their relationship to models of subluxation / joint dysfunction Part II

    • Gary Knutson, DC
    • Edward Owens Jr, MS, DC

    Diagnosis, management and post-surgical rehabilitation of an Achilles tendon rupture: a case report

    • Frank Ramelli, BSc, DC, DACRB, FCCRS(C)

    Consortium of Canadian Chiropractic Research Centers (CCCRC) CONSORTIAL MEMBER PROFILE: The Institute for Work & Health