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The Canadian Chiropractic Association Supports a Greater Role for the Next Federal Government in Health as called for by the Health Action Lobby


Toronto, Ontario (October 15, 2015) – The Canadian Chiropractic Association joins other members of Canada’s Health Action Lobby (HEAL) to remind federal leaders that Canadians expect them to give immediate, priority attention to the challenges faced by our national healthcare system. Public opinion research consistently reveals that Canadians care deeply about finding sustainable and cost-effective options that will enhance our national health and improve our competitiveness in the world. Yet, policy debates associated with the 2015 federal election rarely focus on healthcare.

Through its Consensus Statement entitled The Canadian Way –Accelerating Innovation and Improving Health System Performance, HEAL has issued a call to action to governments at all levels and recommends an improved level of collaboration as the most important step toward securing the future of Canada’s national health system. HEAL expects the federal government to re-assert its legitimate and helpful leadership role as well.

For its part, the CCA urges all the federal parties to develop and support a clear agenda of federal leadership to improve access to care for MSK health services among federal populations. This comprehensive, strategic approach would take form in a shared plan of action and policies to address both the prevention and appropriate management of MSK conditions of Canadians. The benefits of a comprehensive MSK strategy would provide better coordination of services by incorporating best practices, promotion of prevention strategies, stronger engagement by Canadians in their own care, ability to set priorities for evidence-based care and technologies, enhanced health outcomes at a lower cost, the promotion of team-based care to improve communication and efficiency, and improved integration of community-based providers.

HEAL is a coalition of 39 national health and consumer associations and organizations dedicated to protecting and strengthening Canada’s health system. Created in 1991, and representing more than 650,000 health-care providers and Canada’s largest health organizations, the major focus of HEAL’s activities has been on the federal role in health and health care. The Canadian Way Consensus Statement calls for health sector reform and funding initiatives grounded in compassion, consensus, and collaboration.

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